Harming As-Siddiq, The Truthful One, A Forbidden Act

The Prophet (saws) disliked seeing acts of injustice being performed by anyone whether it be through physical action or through the tongue. He especially disliked any such act directed to his closest companion, the one who’s complete and continued unwavering support was declared after the events of the Miraculous Night Journey known as al-’Israa’ wal-Mi‘raaj (Night visit to Jerusalem and Ascension). It was after this event that he was given the name of As-Siddiq, the Truthful One (raa).

One day Umar ibn Al-Khattab (raa) had a disagreement with Abu Bakr As-Siddiq (raa) that resulted in words they both uttered with immediate regret. Abu Bakr (raa) quickly asked to be forgiven from the mighty Umar (raa), but forgiveness was refused.

Abu Bakr (raa) was one who considered even his smallest sins to be a terrible act and would become distraught over such actions. When he would commit any offense he would turn to the Messenger of Allah (saws) for guidance so that he may rectify his deed.

So to hasten his movements the father (Abu) of Bakr (raa) grabbed the sides of his garment and approached the Messenger of Allah (saws) who was sitting with Abu Ad-Dardaa and a number of the other sahaba (companions). The Prophet (saws) knowing As-Siddiq (raa) well could see the trouble on his face so he turned to those present and said, “Your companion has had an argument.”

Abu Bakr (raa) greeted the Prophet (saws) and conveyed the details of the disagreement and refusal of forgiveness from Umar (raa) to which the Prophet (saws) made du’a (supplication) three times, “May Allah forgive you, O Abu Bakr.”

Umar Ibn Al-Khataab (raa) also regretted the incident and quickly turned to make amends, but unfortunately sought Abu Bakr (raa) at his home only to find him away. It was at that moment that realization and fear struck Umar (raa) as to the whereabouts of Abu bakr (raa), the eminent companion of the Prophet (saws). It was at that moment that Umar (raa) realized he had chosen the wrong course. He knew Abu Bakr (raa) would be in the company of the Prophet (saws) and many of the other Sahaba (raa). So Umar (raa), filled with worry and shame turned slowly and walked to the sitting place of Allah’s Messenger (saws).

As Umar (raa) neared the Prophet’s (saws) gathering he saw the intense anger upon the face of the Messenger of Allah (saws), and approached Abu Bakr (raa) and those present in shame. Abu Bakr (raa) looked repeatedly between the Prophet (saws) and Umar (raa) until his guilt finally overwhelmed him. He felt great pity for Umar (raa) along with a feeling of deep regret for being the first to speak harshly, so he moved to make amends. Dropping to his knees before the Prophet (saws), Abu Bakr (raa) twice repeated, “O Allah’s Apostle! By Allah! I was more unjust to him than he to me.”

In his mercy the Prophet (saws) spoke not to Umar (raa), or Abu Bakr (raa), but to those present, “Allah sent me as a Prophet to you, the people, but you said to me, ‘You are telling a lie,’ while Abu Bakr said, ‘He has spoken the truth,’. He consoled and helped me with his self and his wealth. So for my sake, will you not give up harming my companion, will you not give up harming my companion?”

It was from that day on that harm never came to Abu Bakr As-Siddiq (raa) from the Sahaba again.

Companions of the Prophet – Bukhari :: Book 5 :: Volume 57 :: Hadith 13

Narrated Abu Ad-Dardaa (raa); While I was sitting with the Prophet (saws), Abu Bakr (raa) came, lifting up one corner of his garment uncovering his knee. The Prophet (saws) said, “Your companion has had a quarrel.”

Abu Bakr (raa) greeted (the Prophet (saws)) and said, “O Allah’s Apostle! There was something (i.e. quarrel) between me and the Son of Al-Khattab (raa). I talked to him harshly and then regretted that, and requested him to forgive me, but he refused. This is why I have come to you.”

The Prophet (saws) said thrice, “O Abu Bakr! May Allah forgive you.”

In the meanwhile, ‘Umar (raa) regretted (his refusal of Abu Bakr’s excuse) and went to Abu Bakr’s (raa) house and asked if Abu Bakr (raa) was there. They replied in the negative. So he came to the Prophet (saws) and greeted him, but signs of displeasure appeared on the face of the Prophet (saws) till Abu Bakr (raa) pitied (‘Umar), so he knelt and said twice, “O Allah’s Apostle! By Allah! I was more unjust to him (than he to me).”

The Prophet (saws) said, “Allah sent me (as a Prophet) to you (people) but you said (to me), ‘You are telling a lie,’ while Abu Bakr (raa) said, ‘He has said the truth,’ and consoled me with himself and his money.”

He (saws) then said twice, “Won’t you then give up harming my companion?” After that nobody harmed Abu Bakr (raa).