Alqama ibn Qays al-Nakha’i, Knowledge & Questions?

Narrated ‘Alqama (raa): I went to Sham and offered a two-Rak’at prayer and then said, “O Allah! Bless me with a good pious companion.”

So I went to some people and sat with them. An old man came and sat by my side. I asked, “Who is he?”

They replied, “(He is) Abu-Ad-Darda (raa).’

I said (to him), “I prayed to Allah to bless me with a pious companion and He sent you to me.”

He asked me, “From where are you?”

I replied, “From the people of Al-Kufa.”

He said, “Isn’t there amongst you Ibn Um ‘Abd (raa), the one who used to carry the shoes, the cushion(or pillow) and the water for ablution?”

“Is there amongst you the one whom Allah gave Refuge from Satan through the request of His Prophet (saws).

“Is there amongst you the one who keeps the secrets of the Prophet which nobody knows except him?”

Abu Darda (raa) further asked, “How does ‘Abdullah (bin Mas’ud) (raa) recite the Sura starting with,”

Al Lail – Surah 92. The Night

[92.1] “By the Night as it conceals (the light).”

Then I recited before him:

Ash-Shams – Surah 91. The Sun

[91.1-3] “By the Night as it envelops: And by the Day as it appears in brightness; And by male and female.”

On this Abu Ad-Darda’ (raa) said, “By Allah (swt), the Prophet (raa) made me recite the Sura in this way while I was listening to him (reciting it).”

Companions of the Prophet – Sahih Bukhari: Volume 5, Book 57, Number 85

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