Bilal Habashi And Hijra, Life in Yathrib

After Abu Bakr Siddiq (raa) emancipated Bilal (raa) from Umaiya Bin Khalaf, he appointed Bilal (raa) as his own store-keeper and later he came to serve to the Messenger of Allah (saws). When the Holy Prophet (saws) granted permission to his companions to migrate, Bilal (raa), along with the other companions of the Holy Prophet (saws), migrated to Yathrib, which would eventually be known as Medina, which in Arabic means "City".

Once in Medina, Bilal (raa) struggled when ever he was separated from the Messanger of Allah (saws) even though he had lived in the same house with the Prophets (saws) Khalil (intimate friend), Abu Bakr Siddiq and Aamir bin-Fahria (raa).

Due to his personal struggle of seperation, just as he did in Mecca, Bilal ibn Rabah (raa) would always accompany the Prophet (saws) on all the journeys he undertook as well as being involved in all the battles that look place during the Prophets (saws) lifetime.

The Hijra to Medina also brought on a new level of unity between the Muslims, the Messenger of Allah (saws) established the bond of brotherhood between the Muhajireen (Migrants) and Ansar (Helpers, Supporters). It was also at this time that Bilal (raa) a Muhajireen and Abu Rouwaiha, one of the Ansar (raa), became brothers unto each other.

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum! Alhamdullilah for Islam! Me myself in the beginning had difficulties making Al Hijrah because of family. Later, I was able to see and realize that the longer I postponed this particular thing, the easier it became to find excuses after excuses why I shouldn’t go at that particular time. But, Alhamdullilah after a few events took place in my life, I was given a reminder of true sacrifice. As people we make sacrifices everyday,but what are they for. As muslims we are taught that the true sacrifice is for Allah and nothing else. A true believer sacifices to please his lord. Look in example towards Ibrahim’s (a.s.) life. Ibrahim (a.s.) was willing to sacrifice his own dear and beloved son to please only Allah. This is a true example of sacrifice for Allah. This is the willingness readyness a believer should be equiped with at all times. And Allah give us this type of Iman. Ameen ya Allah Ameen!! So when we realize that with gain there comes a sacifice,we will know that with every belief there will later come action. Rasullilah (s.a.w.) said in an atthentic Hadith; Every action is based from intention (niyyah). So it’s very important that our every intention be for Allah, which will reflect in our actions. Anything I said wrong or incorrect is from myself or a shaytaan. And anything I said correct is from Allah. So I seek Allah’s forgiveness for any wrong in this message. Wa Jazakumallahu Khairaan! Ma Salam!!!!!!

    1. Praise jesus christ! Judgement day will come and everyone will pay for their sins. I am confused on the Islamic religion. Please explain…..sounds to me like Muhammed was making up rules as the troubles came. Funny how those muslims killed many americans on 911 to praise Allah? why? because allah says american lifestyle is bad? Just as the Persian lifestyle was bad? Allah is a hater on anyone who is more advanced or wealthy.

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