The Character of Bilal ibn Rabah

Bilal Habashi (raa) had only one purpose in his life and that was to win the favor of Allah (swt).

He had a heart that was as clean as a mirror in which Allah (swt) had illuminated with the light of faith and endowed with a righteous yet extremist nature. It was filled with the sentiments of affection, sincerity, obedience and devotion.

He loved intensely and hated intensely. He loved intensely, Allah (swt) and His Prophet (saws), and was deeply devoted to Islam, but at the same time, was a staunch foe of the unbelievers and polytheists. He never tried to hide his feelings and contempt for them and their way of life.

It was because of this nature that Bilal (raa) was driven to accept al-Haqq (the Truth) unreservedly, and even though he had invited upon himself torment, he readily responded to the call of Allahs Messenger (saws) when he delivered the Message of Oneness (Tawhid – Unity of Allah).

He endured all kinds of atrocities with remarkable patience and fortitude and remained true to Islam his entire life.

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Gary Larocque

Born and raised in Canada of French/English heritage. Founder of TSP Muslim (The Straight Path Muslim). Accepted Islam September 12th, 2007 after years of study.

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