Khalil (The Greatest Friend), But Islamic Brootherhood is Far Better

The qualities of our companions are what help us to shape a beneficial path ahead or if we do not choose those we call friend carefully we may find ourselves traveling a disastrous road with the only end being off a cliff. Show choose wisely those who encourage ad enjoin good and forbid evil. Chapter […]

Abu Bakr As Sadiqq, The Intimate Friend of The Prophet

Companions come and go, but to find some one truly worthy of granting the title “friend” is a rare thing indeed. We can spend our entire life and not have even one lasting relationship let alone someone we would call a dear and intimate friend. So when the Prophet (saws) expresses and considers one to […]

The Best Next to the Prophet, Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, and ‘Uthmãn

Life is full of comparisons: what car is the best, what is the best job to have and who is the best at this and who is the best at that. We pass strangers in the street and we take notice of the way they may dress, the way they walk or how they may […]

Close the Gates (in the Mosque) Except The Gate of Abu Bakr

How many times can we mention the virtues of a single man before we recognize his status? How about when the best of creation, Allah’s Messenger bestows the honour of calling such a man his dear and intimate friend. Will we then accept the status of such a man? Chapter 3: The saying of the […]

What Do You Think of Two, The Third of Whom is Allah

Even the greatest of men struggle with fear. Fear is an affliction that eats at the hearts of mankind causing us to forget that there is a Protector greater than any, If He (awj) is with us nothing can harm us accept by His (awj) will. Chapter 2: The Virtues of the Emigrants (i.e., Muhajirun) […]

Allah is With Us, The Prophet and Abu Bakr

Abu Bakr as-Saddiq (raa) was a man who had the best relationship with the Messenger of Allah (saws). He was the first man to accept Islam and the only man to make hijra (migration) with the Prophet (saws). Their journey was difficult and at times Abu Bakr (raa) feared for the Prophet (saws), but there […]

Aba Bakr (‘Abdullah bin Abu Quhafa At-Taimi) – Virtue of an Emigrant

Virtues are behaviours of high moral standard that we all strive to possess. There have been many in history with such characteristics and some have been blessed more than others. Chapter 2: The Virtues of the Emigrants (i.e., Muhajirun) and Their Merits. Among them is Abu Bakr (‘Abdullah bin Abu Quhafa At-Taimi) (raa). The Statement […]

The Century of the Prophet and the Best Generation

The Prophet (swt) was the best of creation who entrusted his knowledge to the best of generations the Sahaba (raa). Similarly narrated by ‘Imrãn ibn Husain, hadith 3650. Chapter 1: The virtues of the Companions of the Prophet (saws), and any Muslim who enjoyed the company of the Prophet (saws) or saw him, is regarded […]

The Sahaba, My Favorite Team, Companions of the Prophet, Best of Generations

Many people have their favorite sports team. A collection of men or women who join together to compete for the top prize. Many fans devote a life time studying these men and women and sharing their knowledge of their favorite team highlights along with details an accomplishments of their favorite players. As a Muslim I […]

The Virtues of the Companions of the Prophet

Chapter 1: The virtues of the Companions of the Prophet (saws), and any Muslim who enjoyed the company of the Prophet (saws) or saw him, is regarded as one of his Companions (raa). Narrated Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri (raa) Allah’s Messenger (saws) said, “A time will come upon the people, when a group of people will […]