Allah is With Us, The Prophet and Abu Bakr

Abu Bakr as-Saddiq (raa) was a man who had the best relationship with the Messenger of Allah (saws). He was the first man to accept Islam and the only man to make hijra (migration) with the Prophet (saws). Their journey was difficult and at times Abu Bakr (raa) feared for the Prophet (saws), but there was nothing to fear. They had a Companion far greater than any other and He is the best of Protectors, Al-Wālī.

Chapter 2: The Virtues of the Emigrants (i.e., Muhajirun) and Their Merits.

Narrated Al-Bara’ (raa): Abu Bakr (raa) bought a (camel) saddle from ‘Azib for thirteen Dirham. Aba Bakr (raa) said to ‘Azib, “Tell Al-Bard’ to carry the saddle for me ‘Azib said, “No, unless you relate to me what happened to you and Allah’s Messenger (saws) when you left Makkah while Al-Mushrikün
were in search of you.”

Abu Bakr (raa) said, “We left Makkah and we traveled continuously for that night and the following day till it was midday. I looked (around) searching for shade to take as shelter, and suddenly I came across a rock, and found a little shade there. So I cleaned the place and spread a bed for the Prophet (saws) in the shade and said to him, ‘Lie down, O Allah’s Messenger.’ So the Prophet (saws) lay down and I went out, looking around to see if there was any person pursuing us. Suddenly I saw a shepherd driving his sheep towards the rock, seeking what we had already sought from it. I asked him, ‘To whom do you belong, O boy” He said, ‘I belong to a man from Quraish. He named the man and I recognized him. I asked him, ‘Is there any milk with your sheep?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘Will you then milk (some) for us?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ Then I asked him to tie the legs of one of the ewe and clean its udder, and then ordered him to clean his hands from dust. Then the shepherd cleaned his hands by striking his hands against one another. After doing so, he milked a small amount of milk.

I used to keep for Allah’s Messenger (saws); a leather water-container, the mouth of which was covered with a piece of cloth. I poured water on the milk container till its lower part was cold. Then I took the milk to the Prophet , whom I found awake. I said to him, ‘Drink, O Allah’s Messenger.’ So he drank till I became pleased. Then I said, ‘It is time for us to move, O Allah’s Messenger!’ He said, ‘Yes.’ So we set out while the people (i.e., Quraish Mushnkün) were searching for us, but none found us except Suraqa bin Malik bin Ju’shum who was riding his horse. I said, ‘These are our pursuers who have found us, O Allah’s Messenger!’ He said, ‘Do not be sad (or afraid), surely, Allah is with us.'”

[See Vol. 4, Hadifh No.3615]

The Translation of the Meanings of Sahih Al-Bukhari by Dr. Muhammad Muhsin KhanHadith 3652, Volume 5, Book 62 The Virtues and the Merits of the Companions of the Prophet

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