Khadijah al-Kubra (Khadija the great), Family Life

Khadijah bint Khuwaylid or Khadijah al-Kubra (Khadija the great) (Radiallahu Anha) was born in the year 555 AD and belonged to the Qurayshi clan of Banu Hashim of the tribe of Banu Asad.

Her father, Khuwaylid ibn Asad belonged to the Abd al-`Uzza clan of the tribe of Quraysh and was one of the most honored leaders of the tribe of Banu Hashimn. His business talents and success as a merchant brought him vast wealth which allowed Khadijah to grew up in the lap of luxury until his death in 585 AD at the famous battle of Fujjar.

Khadija’s mother, who died around 575 A.D., was Fatima bint Za’ida ibn al-Asam of Banu `Amir ibn Luayy ibn Ghalib, a distant relative of Prophet Muhammad (saws: Sall-allahu alayhi wa sallam).

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